89 Toyota 4x4

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    I have an 89 Toyota 4x4 extended cab pickup in need of some engine work. She starts up every time, and has never left me stranded and does not leak any oil but runs a little rough after being driven a few miles. The catalytic converter is missing,(never needs to pass emissions again) and needs something in it's place better than the flex pipe that's currently clamped in there with some u bolts. It has a 2 inch body lift, sitting on 31x10.5x15 BFG Mud Terrains with some tread left(could fit 33s) . There is some body damage, the interior is not great, the windshield is cracked and the front turn signals do not always work. With a little love she could be a reliable driver, as she sits right now would be a great hunting rig, farm truck or wheeler. You can see my Craigslist ad for her at 89 Toyota 4x4 . $2800 obo, I would be more than happy to trade for another pickup, a good AR, an AK and some cash, a 3rd or 4th gen Glock 19 and some cash...Make me an offer. The worst i'll say is no.

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