WTT OR 870 Wingmaster 18" for 590 or 930

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    I am trying to diversify my combat shotgun collection. Currently I have 3 870s, an 1100, and no Mossbergs. I would like to trade my 870 Wingmaster, a police trade in gun that has been parkerized and has a 18" police barrel, and a +2 extension, for a Mossberg 590, or maybe a 930 SPX. I have two different synthetic stocks or a set of express wood for you to choose from...or a pistol grip...


    In an 590 I am open to a standard 590, or an A1, prefer blued, but parkerized is ok too. Sights or bead, doesn't really matter. Must have 18 or 20" barrel and full length mag tube, not an extension, ideally would have walnut stocks, but I can add them.

    930SPX just looking for something basic with 18 or 20" barrel and long mag tube to put wood on.

    I can add cash to even trades

    Other trade options, if you must -
    JM stamped Marlin lever guns
    Older Winchester lever guns
    Remington 700 BDL in 308 or 300WM
    S&W 586
    Beretta 92/M9
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