870 barrel fits very tight

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by .45's and .38's, Feb 24, 2013.

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    I recently got this new barrel in trade for my 870 express. The barrel locks in to place with a little effort. The problem is trying to get it off, I have to get a rag, put it behind the barrel ring & give it a few light whacks with a flathead to get the barrel to come loose enough to where I can yank it off. Im not saying this is a bad thing, Im really not sure if it is or not....but....it locks in place, goes into battery correctly, I can load a full tube & cycle shells fast or slow & they chamber/extract. So I guess it works. if this helps any, the barrel is a used 20" smoothbore w remington rifle sights, marked

    12 GA USE 2 3/4 or 3" SHELLS in magnum receivers
    ******use only 2 3/4" in all others

    I looked hard for burrs or little pieces of metal sticking out & it looks good, the chamber area looks like it goes on smoothly, where it is tight, is right after you put the barrel ring on the tube & are trying to put it past the threads to secure the cap, it goes on past the threads with a little effort but once the barrel locks in & the barrel ring sits past the threads of the mag tube, it just is rock solid & does not want to come off. my 870 express receiver is brand new. the 20" barrel is factory remington....

    any ideas on what might be causing this....
    is it going to cause problems down the road taking the barrel off by wacking to get it to loosen free, if I cant figure out why it is so tight.
    maybe the barrel I got is for a 870P & I have the express receiver?
    Is this a good thing? will it give the gun better accuracy with slugs?
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    I have had several like that and had no problems! You could polish the outside of the extension, that may help..
    I used a small dead blow hammer...
    Mine loosened up after a few hundered rounds.

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