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Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by DEADTIME, May 15, 2012.

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    For sale or trade

    800 308 rounds, 600 are German army surplus made in Germany so it's good stuff. And 200 rounds of Hornady Zmax with 168 grain bullets still in boxs. The German army ammo comes in 100 round blue plastic reusable boxs that I bought from the ammo shop.

    Will sell all 375 bucks, the Hornady was almost 300 bucks alone.

    I'm looking for 7.62x54R With 148 grain light ball bullets. Bulgarian, Russian, polish wolf, Tula, etc or other stuff like hornady etc. Prefer sealed ammo in spam cans but will consider ammo not sealed. Must be light ball this is for a psl sniper which doesn't like heavy stuff. Cabelas is selling 500 round cases of Herters 7.62x54R in a Wooden crate that would work for me as well.

    Being that the ammo I'm looking for is cheap I'd like at least 2 times the ammo I'm trading so 1600 rounds for my 800.

    Or trade for PSL magazines..lots of them.

    Will also consider trading for a mosin nagant sniper rifle with scope.

    Email me dead-time@live.com or message me here.
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