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I've been searching for a frame for a spare P220 upper (slide and barrel) I have for a couple of years now. This might just be the ticket :)
Reviving a dead thread. Any updates on the Matrix P22X experience/build quality and availability of parts? I’m trying to figure it out if it’s worth it to build or just buy used (cheap) and modify.
Absolutely worth it. A fun challenge for sure. I love the ones I have done. Currently they are running a big sale too since he is moving the company. Excellent quality items. Parts are not always easy to get but there are places on the web you can order besides matrix. His package deals when he has them are a great way to do the parts. If not available like I said there are other options.
I've built three now - a P229 first, then a P220, then just recently a P226 (I'm still working on getting magazines to feed the P226).
Not cheaper than getting a decent used one. But way more fun and a great learning experience.

At this point, I've got the drilling jigs for all of the P-series they offer. And the rail cutter. I just wish parts kits were more readily available at a decent price, I might build a few more!
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