8 Channel DVR - Dedicated Micros

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  1. Untamo

    Tigard (SW Portland)

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    Model # DM/SD8N30/A

    Link to the Manufacturers Website

    Questions answered
    This unit was removed from a clients house who upgraded. It is 100% functional, and includes the remote control & power cord. It does NOT, however, come with an original box and manuals. This unit does have an ethernet port, and can be viewed remotely via Internet exploder, and/or through manufacturers software called NetVu Observer. Can export video locally with CD, or USB, and remotely to your PC. Also, the warranty sticker is still intact and has a 3 year warranty from date of purchase. Should this unit fail, I will help you with a warranty exchange and/or repair.

    The manufacturers weblink above will have the manuals, and technical specs for those of you interested, beyond that, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

    For those of you that like to shop around, I've done the leg work for you.

    Results from Google Shopping ~$1900

    Here is a very similar version on eBay ~$1300

    Price to purchase is $600 obo, or trades (which are preferred).
    At the end of approximately 2 weeks, if no trade is reached, I'll take the best cash offer on the table, even if it's $100. (I don't have a good idea what it's worth to you fella's, so I'm all for getting rid of this DVR, and giving someone a good deal)

    What trades am I looking for?

    All ammo should be new brass, or damn good reloads.
    5.56/.223 ammo. Lake City preferred.
    .40 S&W ammo (FMJ or JHP range quality)
    .380 Ammo (FMJ or JHP range quality)

    AR15 Stuff :)
    White Oak Armory 18" SPR Barrel Rifle Length Gas
    VTAC/JP Rifle length hand guard
    JP Single stage adjustable trigger
    Norgen Ambi-catch
    Ambi selector
    AAC Blackout 51T 1/2' x 28
    Magpul MBUS Front & Rear
    Magpul MS2

    Saiga 12

    NOT interested in rifles other than AR15 stuff, and not interested in Pistols.

    Everything Else, just shoot me an offer and I'll take a good hard look at it.

    Please keep communication in the thread, including questions, offers, low ball offers etc....

    Thanks much!
  2. talntid


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    If you let me know at the end of approximately 2 weeks if you have no other buyer, we can discuss this.
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