WTT WA 7mm Rem Mag brass

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    I'm trying to consolidate my 7mm Rem Mag brass to eliminate potential variables, and I've got a mix of cases that I'm hoping to trade straight across with someone. All cases are once fired, and they are have all be deprimed and tumbled. If someone wants pictures, I can take one tonight and put add it to the post - but I'm not sure there's much exciting to see in a picture of random brass. ;)

    (17) pcs Federal nickel cases
    (33) pcs Federal brass cases
    (1) pc Winchester nickel case
    (13) pcs Winchester brass cases

    I'm looking to trade straight across for Remington brass cases, once or twice fired. Or, I'd be willing to trade the whole lot for a 50-pack of brand new Remington brass.

    I live in La Center, work in Vancouver, and travel occasionally for business into Portland or up to Longview. Not looking to go way out of my way for ~60 pieces of brass, but if someone wants to trade shoot me a PM. I'd also be willing to ship (USPS flat rate) in exchange for the other side also shipping in like fashion.

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