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7MM Rem Mag Brass ? Problem

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by xoddah, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. xoddah

    xoddah Sandy Or Member

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    I have a Savage 110 7MM Rem Mag and have reloaded for this caliber about 4 years

    I bought some new Norma Brass loaded it lite to fire form new brass

    ran the once fired brass through a loose adjusted die, cleaned properly, measured
    added a bullet to get seating die set, inserted into the rifle chamber to double / triple check
    before primer and powder and the bolt will not close

    measured, "everything" adjusted the die up, down, used 3 different dies, shoulder bumped, neck sized only
    different bullets, triple checked the chamber length

    I did this with 25 cases, Norma. fired once, same rifle not a single one will load with really push hard on the bolt
    ... can't do that... smoked 3 of the cases, shows it is solid on the shoulder. ran them through a Lee collet die
    adjusted, a micro-meter at a time. no difference...

    went to all the sources I know of, manuals, web sites, Larry Willis and I keep being told "Die adjustment"

    I have more new Norma brass, out of the box, fits great, insert a bullet, fits great BUT before I screw up anymore expensive new brass I am looking for ideas, Help

    add to above.. the first firing light load and cases ejected perfectly I measured every single one and recorded case length, before and after firing... to see how much they would grow and ran over a chronograph
    everything looked excellent I was pleased. again, ran through a F/L die set loose and NO GO
  2. orygun

    orygun West Linn Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I've had this problem with one cartridge and the one set of dies that I've used to load them. Seems as though the case is getting "squeezed" and made longer before I am able to do a neck size. The one set of dies that gave me this problem required me to grind some metal off of the base of the die so I could run the die farther down the case.

    Sounds like you need to set the shoulder back more than you are so the bolt will close.
  3. xoddah

    xoddah Sandy Or Member

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    I remember reading about shortening dies a little, I have also on other calibers added a .010 feeler gage between the shell holder and bottom of the cartridge &mm is a rimmed case and indexes off of the top of the rim not bottom of the case
    ...correct me if I am wrong ...

    The only thing I have done different is
    New Norma Brass,
    fired once,
    Ran through FL die, after first firing
    and it will not load
    I actually adjusted the die-s way to tight just to see if I could move the shoulder back, it just started crushing the case and jammed in the die ... way fun to get out and... did not work obviously

    I have NEVER had a problem like this before remington and winchester brass