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7mm mag to a 7mm mag.

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Maxx, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Maxx

    Maxx GF BC New Member

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    AS we were talking about the pmc 257 pmc brass, when I was looking for 257 brass I came across some Federal nickel 7mm weatherby and they were just giving it away I think I bought 300 for 50 bucks, was going to neck it down to 257. Ok I have a custom rifle in a 7rem mag , a Mcgowen barrel .. The blank was 31 inches and it is dressed out to just a hair over 28 inches and a MPi stock, It shoots man does it shoot, So this is the Q should I get it reamed out to a 7 weatherby or not? will I get a little more punch and a flatter trajectory your thoughts please... And what if I loose the accuracy on a botched job thats what scares me the most.
  2. chainsaw

    chainsaw East side of Or. Active Member

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    I think the weatherbys are just slightly faster.If it were me I would leave well enough alone,but it is not my rifle.
  3. afp

    afp o New Member

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    There isn't really a significant difference between the two. Like the previous poster mentioned, I'd be leery of messing with a good shooting rifle. If I were to do something I'd punch it out to 7 STW in order to get a significant increase in velocity.
  4. landcbeitner

    landcbeitner Everett, WA Member

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    I'd let it be. The 7mm rem mag is an excellent cartridge... hotter cartridges will only burn the barrel up faster (not the the 7mag isn't a barrel burner in its own right).