WTS OR 7mm Bullets for reloading

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    icon1.gif 7mm bullets for reloading fs
    I have a mix of 7mm bullets, all sorted, that I don't need. They have been sitting around for a while in a storage tray and some could use cleaned up? Price will reflect. Prefer to sell as a lot. 259 pcs total.

    Sierra 160 gr- 28 pcs
    Sierra 168 gr- 18 pcs
    Sierra 168 gr HP- 45 pcs
    Nosler 150 gr Spitzer 9 pcs
    Nosler 175 gr Spitzer 46 pcs
    Hornady 162 gr HP 56 pcs
    Hornady 154 gr 57 pcs

    $75 for all

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