702 pieces 9mm brass, cleaned/polished/decapped, ammo boxes

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    As the title says, 702 cases of 9mm brass, cleaned capped and run through a vibrator overnight. 4 100 round ammo boxes. Most of the brass I can guarantee are once-fired, and I'm 90% certain all of it is once-fired. About 150 rounds I am not 100% on because it's just the stuff that I or friends didn't shoot (I'm a range scavenger). Friends aren't interested in shooting reloads, I sold my 9, so I'm offering up all of it for $75 OBO.

    Some trades I'm interested in (possible cash on top for right deal): RCBS 45 auto die set, 12ga (pump or semi), reloading components (really just about anything that's conducive to 30-06, 270, or 45acp, I'm still learning what works ok and what works well), just about anything odd/interesting. If you think I might like it, never hurts to send me an offer. Worst I can say is no thanks.

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