WTS/WTT OR 7.62X39 East German training rounds

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    M43 Ub,
    East German plastic cored practice ammunition. Approx 62 gr. steel jacketed, hard plastic cored round nosed projectile chemically stained black for identification. Velocity out of an AK is in the 3,000+ fps range. This is LETHAL ammunition and will penetrate a respectable amount of wood at close range in my experience.
    The "Ub" stands for "Ubung" which means "practice" in German. The ammo was designed for use on ranges with limited down-range danger space and was intended to be used out to 300 meters. It's danger range is 1,300 meters. It is not "short range or "indoor" practice ammo like some folks have suggested.

    for the AK and RPK the SKS it may not be 100% reliable, it will depend on your gas system.
    some of my AK's ran it some of my SKS's ran it.
    10 round blister packs

    1,066 rounds
    $340 ___ 31 cents a round

    local pickup in Springfield.

    or trade for 300 aac blackout ammo and or reloading components 100_2316.JPG for same
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