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Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by spectra, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Ok no more gun so ammo needs to go. I have 3 types of ammo for sale.

    1. 3 boxes (60rds) of Winchester White box 123GR FMJ 35.00 this ammo is brass cased and about 15 years old.

    2. 500 rounds of Golden Tiger 124GR FMJ 175.00

    3. 500 plus rounds Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works 122GR FMJ I have 20 boxes and 100 plus loose rounds and will also throw in 20 plus rounds of Wolf I think 175.00

    I am in Vancouver on the east side and might be open to trades it all depends on what you have? Other than that cash always works:thumbup: Pm me as that is probably the best way to communicate.

    I am looking for a wheel gun in .357 or even .22 and am willing to add cash if the deal is the right one:thumbup:

    SPF will close when deal is done.
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