WTS OR 7.62x39 & 6.8 SPC uppers

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    Selling two uppers I won't be using.

    First is a 6.8 SPC that has been test fired for function and to sight in a scope. Scope has been removed and the upper will not be used since moving to a different caliber.
    AR Performance 16" 5R scout profile barrel, Muzzle Break & gas tube
    Anderson upper
    Joe Bob's gas block & charging handle
    Aim Surplus Nitride BCG
    Matrix Arms handguard
    CProducts 5rnd mag

    Second is a Bear Creek Arsenal 7.62x39 upper that is unfired and will come with one 5rnd ASC mag.

    $450 for the 6.8SPC and $250 for the Bear Creek Arsenal

    View attachment 6.8SPC.JPG View attachment BCA 7.62x39.jpg
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