7.62x25 ammo

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  1. Drew68

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    1260 Czech. $200 cash, firm. Interested in all kinds of trades, hit me up. I would really like a hi capacity shotgun (especially a winchester 1300) and I can make up some cash difference. I also like single shot rifles. The ammunition is located in the Albany area with my brother in law. Thanks.
  2. fuzzy bear

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    I am a grunt that survived the Viet Nam war way back in 1969. During my tour of duty, I shot and killed a North Vietnamese Army officer, and captured his Chinese Communist 7.62 x 25 semi-auto pistol. I carried and used this weapon offensively against the the enemy for the rest of my stay in country, then was permitted to lawfully bring the weapon back home.

    I've always wanted to shoot the pistol, but never ran across the ammo to put through it. Now I"m a retired, disabled veteran, living on a VA pension. I'd really like to buy some of your ammo, but don't have enough $$$ to purchase all of it. (Would love to have all of it, just don't have the $$$ to pull it off).

    I'm an avid reloader, and I have a lot of .38 special ammo loaded up. Would you consider a trade for any of this ammo, or selling part of your bullets to me???

    Send me a line at dw.sheelar@q.com or give me a call in Salem, Or at 503-304-1434.

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