696rds of steel case 7.62x39 (FMJ &HP)

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by im566, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Hi, getting out of the AK system, so I have for sale or trade in the Boring/Sandy area:
    -496rds of HP steel case 7.62x39 (loose)
    -202 rds of FMJ Steel case 7.62x39 (loose)

    Will sell for $150 cash or will trade for:
    -5.56 ammo (brass case)
    -9mm ammo (brass case)
    -XDM 19rd 9mm mags
    -FDE Pmags, new generation, 30rds
    -12 gauge defense ammo (00 buck, 4 buck or slugs)
    -Assault vest in Coyote or OD
    -3 day packs in OD or Coyote
    -.22 CCI mini mags or high velocity ammo
    -Benchmade folders
    -Magpul ACS in OD, MIAD grip in OD, Vertical grip in OD
    -Troy or Vickers padded sling in OD
    -Quality (at least 30mile range) 2 way radios
    -MREs, new date
    -Quality machete
    -Quality folding shovel and or axe.
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