629-1/4", MagNaPorted

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    On this one: snooze you will looze
    Pix's sent the same day of your request from beltloop at yahoo dot com . Once you get the pix's please respond asap if ya wanna have a discussion. Normally I put pix's on Photobucket, since I am trying to sell this I do not want to create a file then have to go back and delete it...

    I roll my own handloads -for more than a decade-
    never felt the need to shoot hard cast, 210's over 1,000fps, even preferred low vel cowboy loads w/200grainer's.

    Screw heads INTACT.

    Prolly 500, + - One box, low vel rounds fired.

    Trade interest stainlss guns only:

    S&W's: 63's, 650, 651, 66.

    Ruger: no models with plastic receivers/trigger housings....10/22's, 77/22's, Bull barreled 10/22's.

    IF SOME ONE BUYS THIS, I will fire 2-cylinders thru it just to make sure all is okay. I have not fired this in more than a year! Just no time with grandkids...at the age where I can wrestle with my grandson (6yrs old) and win.....

    $675 ship'd/insured lower 48 to your FFL.
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    pictures would be very nice and useful
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    No thanks, Nebr is a little far to see it shoot.

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