616 rounds of Factory .45 ACP *Gone pending trade*

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    WTB Spikes Tactical Lowers, cash in hand!

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    I want to start off with THERE IS NO CASH PRICE. Not to be rude, but given the current climate people tend to be asking quite often about a cash price even when I explicitly state there isn't one. So, I figure I can start off that way. If you ask for a cash price, I can't guarantee you that I will respond. Not being rude but I just don't always have the time to respond to a question that is stated clearly in the ad.



    (6) 50 round boxes of Tula Brass Maxx 230 grain FMJ 6x50=300
    (Brass cased and RELOADABLE, this isn't their non-reloadable steel cased ammo).

    (1) 100 round box of Winchester 230 grain FMJ 1x100=100

    (2) 50 round boxes of Federal 230 grain FMY 2x50=100

    (1) 50 round box of Remington UMC 230 grain FMJ=50

    (1) 20 round box of Winchester Black Talon 230 grain SXT (Premium self defense ammo)

    Plus an addition 46 rounds of various HP's

    (25 rounds) Federal 230 grain HI-SHOK
    (9 rounds) Remington HP's
    (12 rounds) Winchester HP's

    Total of 616 rounds of .45 ACP

    Looking for:

    9mm ammo (brass cased and factory only)
    Small 9mm CCW for wife (will add cash when necessary).
    Possibly a .38SPL revolver (will add cash when necessary).
    SKS (will add cash when necessary)

    I MIGHT consider a .380 handgun also.

    If you have questions or comments PLEASE PM ME, I often do not see the posts in the actual thread body.

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