60% lower AR15 receiver

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by johnqpublic, Feb 9, 2010.

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    Anyone familiar with a 60% AR15 lower receiver from KT Ordinance.com?
    How reliable are they? Any known glitches? Anyone supply the upper (for a reasonable price) in the new 204 Ruger? Advanages disadvantages of 204 Rug vs. 223 Rem? Thanks.
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    Not really worth it. After you buy it for however much they charge, the website does not list exact prices, or at least easily understood prices. You still have to finish machining, not an easy task if you don't have proper equipment, that means you have to find someone who will let you use theirs because YOU have to do the work, and be exact about it. Then you have to polish and finish the receiver, not hard if you have the equipment. Do you want to use cerekoat, duracoat, anodizing? If you have the equipment to do it they are worth it, but if not then it might cost as much as a stripped lower anyway. Many you can get FTF and stay off the paperwork if it means that much.

    In the mean time you can buy a brand new S&W for $130, a DPMN for $100, or many other high quality lowers for $60-80. I bought two Fidelis Arms seconds for $125 OTD after the FFL fee, they are based in Bend I believe.
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    I have never done a KT ordanance but I have done several other 80% receivers. You might look at http://www.tacticalmachining.com/ good products from good people and resonably priced. Generally finishing a lower has nothing to do with price. It is more the satisfaction of the project.
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    This is a great topic for the gunsmithing forum.

    You can get a lot of great info from www.cncguns.com.

    KT Ordnance was tied up in legal battles when I was initially interested in them. I went looking elsewhere. The billet is nice. :)

    But you'll spend a lot less money in purchasing a finished lower. The fun is creating a custom one with just the "perfect" fit to the upper.

    As to your other questions, I know several mfgs sell just the upper in .204. Or you can get the barrel and assemble it yourself. If you're looking at machining a lower, assembling an upper isn't out of your skill range.

    The .204 is awesome, but more expensive. More wind drift, but it's super-flat shooting. Vs. the 223 it's hard since they both have their niche.

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