6.8 SPC AR-15 rifle and reloading package deal

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Merle, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Merle

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    I'd prefer a trade for a nice FAL or M1A but will sell for the right price. I would also be interested in a FN FS2000. This is a tack driver of a rifle and no expense was spared when I built it. It would be perfect for someone wanting to hunt small to medium game in an AR platform. I've put exactly 410 malfunction free rounds through it. The upper and lower are stag and the lower is marked 6.8. The upper receiver has M4 feed ramps. The bolt carrier is chrome plated and made by Young Manufacturing. The bolt s a np3 coated LMT Enhanced bolt (the carbon just wipes right off). The barrel is a match grade stainless Wilson Combat 18" Recon contour with a mid-length gas system and SPC II chamber 1/11 twist. Muzzle brake, front and rear sights and two 10 round magazines are all PRI, Vtac floating handguard, Rock River 2 stage trigger and ambidextrous selector, BCM/Vltor gunfighter charging handle, YHM bipod adapter, Magpul PRS stock and ergo grip. I am also willing to remove the sights and nstall a standard A2 stock and deduct some money too. Rifle will come with a set of Lee dies, a Sinclair bore guide, brass and nylon cleaning brushes and jag, a Wilson case gauge and about 142 pieces of mixed hornady and ssa brass.
    Rifle with sights and magpul stock - $1600. Subtract $150 without sights and subtract $200 with A2 stock. Everything is like new and top quality. I would also like to add that I don't have to get rid of this rifle so please, no ridiculous offers. I would just like to move up to .308. I will not part this out and I will not be lowering the price, so for all those that may be awaiting a price drop, t's not gonna happen. This is an awesome deal for someone wanting to get into the 6.8.
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    I am wondering if you ever sold this and if not, if you would be interested in selling the brass and reloading gear.
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