6.5x284 Norma, Savage 12 BVSS

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    6.5x284 Norma FS, again SPF[HR][/HR]This is SPF SPF

    have a Savage LA Model 12 in 6.5x284 with a Rifle Basix trigger and pictaniny mount that I am looking to sell. I have dies, 300 rounds of Berger 140g VLD Hunters and 30 Lapua once fired cases included and 100 new cases.

    It has a 26" SS fluted barrel that is threaded for a muzzle brake or suppressor. There have been 348 rounds down the barrel.
    It has been glass bedded, currently setup as single shot but needs single shot follower.

    I am asking $750 shipped to your FFL.
    Scope is not included.



    I found a couple targets that I was using for load development. I haven't shot the rifle since then.



    Also, I came up with a few more items;
    Sinclair T26 and E26 mandrels
    Hornady Modified Case
    Redding NK bushings, I have the following in TiNitride, 289, 290, and 291. I don't have the die that will go with these, I have been using my 6-284 Comp. Die
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