6.5PRC vs 280AI

  • 6.5PRC

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • 280AI

    Votes: 6 66.7%

  • Total voters
May consider the potential outcome if 114 passes. Six months from now might yield you a considerable wait for your “permit”. Just a thought.
This and a few other guns on my wish list.

But this is a good point in regards to hunting season. Who knows how long it would take for it if this law passes.

Vote no. Of course.
Im in a very unique situation with the idea of a new elk rifle in that Im truly one of those "one gun" hunters but my "one gun" is very undersized for elk so the idea of adding a dedicated elk rifle gives me the opportunity to fill a niche at the longer ranges I have had to pass up on elk rarely unable to stalk closer. That said, if my smith gets it done by this winter I will probably save my money but if its not ready by end of this coming winter Im probably going to add this 280AI rifle to my quiver. I think a few members in this forum know my story... and probably agree with my ideas here.
"One gun guy" with several guns, would be me. The only time I haven't carried an '06 in the last 20+ years was because it was at the gunsmith or I was checking one "off of the list" by hunting with my old 1894 Winchester. My 06 (see avatar) has been an Ackley Improved for a while now. I don't load the cartridges all that hot because I found a sweet spot where it's groups are tiny. It's faster than normal '06 velocities with a 180gr bullet. I don't hunt elk as much anymore, but I never feel like I'm undergunned. I've shot fairly long distance and I doubt I'd take a poke at an elk at 400 yards, but I know it would do the job.
All of the reasons listed that are good about the 30-06 are true. That's why I'd probably buy another one if I needed that "one gun".
Given the OP's two choices, I'd go with the 280AI.

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