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Just ordered an Alexander Arms 18" ss button rifled 6.5 grendel barrel and plan on building up and spr that I can also hunt with. So....

Does anyone know of a scope maker out there with a bdc for 6.5 grendel or something with one similar enough to match it? I have a leupold mark ar with their trick little bdc set up for 55 grain ball. Just crank it to the yardage and aim dead on. Want something that I can do with with my 6.5 grendel. You'd think that with people getting into competition, hunting, etc. with this round, someone out there would start doing that.

Does anyone know where I can get ballistics information for the 18" barrel length or a good program online? Alexander Arms has ballistics information, but just for 14.5", 16", 19.5, and 24" barrel lengths. Figuring it will fall in between the 16" and 19.5". The other thing that sucks about their ballistics info is that it's for a 600 yard zero. I plan on zeroing the rifle at 200 or 300 yards. I don't have anywhere around me (without joining Cascade) that I can even shoot out to 600.
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