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6.5 Grendel components/tools

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Hornady 6.5 die set in box like new with shellholder $sold
Hornady 123gr amax x435 $SOLD
Nosler 123gr cc x100 $SOLD
1lb 4.6oz xbr8208 $30
30 loaded rounds $sold
2 mtm 50 round boxes $sold
once fired hornady brass x62 $sold
New hornady brass x50 $sold
Alexander brass 3x x75 $sold
Hornady modified case $sold
Hornady oal ogive comparator $5
Hornady neck bump comparator $sold
Gun slick .260 rod $20
Worlds finest trimmer $60

I will remove things as they sell. Really want to sell most or all to one person.

Must pickup in aloha or will ship + $5-$10

See armslist ad for pics

ARMSLIST - For Sale: 6.5 Grendel supples
Not open for further replies.


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