6.5 Carcano Italian Military Rifle Mfg. 1944 91/41 with ammo and accessories $125 OBO

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    Very nice condition, long-barrelled version (approx. 27") of this rifle that was developed in 1891 and made until 1944. Has adjustable rear sight that ranges from 300 to 1000 meters. Seems to function perfectly. I am thinking that it is a sporterized version, but I am no expert. Comes with ONE stripper clip and eleven rounds of Norma ammunition (156gr. softpoint). The other two cllips are available for $10 each to buyer of rifle or $15 each to anyone.


    I live in Central Oregon, but am coming to the Portland/Salem area on 11/21/2011 (and again on 12/2/2011). My prices are pretty firm. There currently isn't really anything that I am looking for in a trade, but I am always willing to trade up in value if you see something of mine that really gets your interest.

    As the law requires, I can only sell to someone whom I believe to be from the state of Oregon. I do not require ID checks or bills of sale. I am happy to do either of those if you need. I am legal to posess and sell my personal firearms.

    I am not opposed to shipping out of state to your FFL.

    If you are interested, feel free to shoot me a phone call or text message if you want: 541-306-1399


    Click on picture for larger picture and more pictures.
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