6" .357 Magnum Recommendation and Rossi Rant


I have owned most of them over the years. Right now i have a 5 inch GP100. Its, my favorite so far. The N frame smiths are very good too.
But the n frames have Short Cylinder, Not a problem for most people. But if you want to hand load long heavy for caliber bullets you will need to seat very deep to keep them from sticking out the front.
Seems weird that the 44 n frames fill the window much better, but look at the N frame .357s And look how long the Forcing cone is and the gap between the face of the Cylinder and the frame.
Still an excellent gun, But I would keep my GP100 without a doubt, Unless of course somebody had a registered 357 the wanted to trade ! ...tj3006
So, in your experience, if you were loading 200 gr. handloads, you'd rather shoot them from a GP100 than a model 27 or 28, because the cylinder on the GP is longer?

I have a S&W 686 with 7-shot cyl. and 6" barrel. It's had some custom work too, but it's just a house gun. To me it is too big and heavy to carry around. Also, when I made some hot 180gr loads, I had to replace the grip because the stock grip was too thin and it hurt to shoot it.

My S&W 629 Classic with 5" barrel is my favorite handgun.

I have a secret lust for one of the old target guns, the Model 14 with 6" barrel. Still kicking myself for letting one of those get away...


I had to send in a my Rossi 97206 in due to a recall. The deal is they would repair anything required, pay for shipping both ways, and provide $50 for the hassle. Fair enough, I sent it in. I get a call just now saying they can't repair it, but they will replace it. But, wait, they no longer make the 97206, so they'll send another wheelgun. My one and only option? A blued, Taurus 605 snub. So, I send in a full-size, six-shot, stainless steel, .357 Magnum and they are replacing it with a small, five-shot, 2" barrel snubbie that is worth less than the aforementioned. Since it isn't an exact replacement, they have to send it to an FFL, which fortunately I have, but that would have been an extra kick in nether regions if I didn't. And I have yet to see a $50 check. WTF Rossi? :mad:

Anyway, being that I already have a Taurus 605 and don't need another snub, I'm going to sell it and buy an actual replacement. On that score, can anyone recommend a revolver that is:

  • Full-size.
  • 6-shot or more capacity.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Decent quality fit and finish.
  • Decent trigger pull.
  • 6" barrel.
  • Adjustable sights.
  • Decent aftermarket support with respect to custom grips.
  • Not some oddball manufacturer that will make obtaining parts a PITA.
  • Not crazy expensive.
To answer the "what for" question:

  • Shooting metallic silhouettes. (Standard sized chicken, pig, turkey, and ram.)
  • Shooting bowling pins.
  • Holster carry when on my own property.
  • Maybe carry while hiking.
I'm heavily leaning towards a Ruger, though I am open to a Smith or other manufacturer. Thanks for any recommendations. :)
That is absolutely rotten excuse for service, some Taurus employee is probably has a fixed up Rossi 97206 in his safe.
That is absolutely rotten excuse for service, some Taurus employee is probably has a fixed up Rossi 97206 in his safe.
True, it sucks, but it has been long replaced with a revolver that is better in almost every way.

Parenthetically, in the off chance anyone gives a rip, I've yet to see a dime of that $50.


IMHO.......the Rossi is OK for an entry level revolver. Here are three of mine.
I bought all three of them USED. Of course, I inspected them prior to purchase (without firing). The Rossi Braz Tech is my "problem child". It needs to be kept very clean for flawless functioning. The others are actually Rossi imports by Interarms and work well.

So then.....
Going to a S&W is a "big step above that". But, it's gonna cost more. OBVIOUSLY. Here are some of my S&W revolvers in .357 Mag.

And....for the PPC shooters out there.......
Well.......it is a S&W 581. But of course, I only shoot .38 specials out of this baby.

Enjoy your Smith and Wesson CountryGent.

Aloha, Mark
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