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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by RedneckRampage, Oct 4, 2013.

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    I'm looking at buying a new or used 590A1. I'm trying to decide on which exact model to get though. I know I do not want the SPX, those sights look hideous to me. I've had ghost rings on on 870 Police I had, but didn't like them, so I sold the gun. I just had XS Ghost Rings on one of my lever actions, hate them. I'm kinda wanting a 590A1 with them, cause they are pretty cool, and maybe I can learn to like them. I know a bead is tried and true, and simple, I was taught to shoot shotguns with a bead. What do you guys recommend. It is going to be for HD, and camp use. In MT and WY I plan to have slugs in it. I want as simple and light as possible. I'm not trying to discuss if a 590A1 is a good gun or not. I've had like 12 870 and get bored, I want to try a 590A1 out.
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    Just bought a 590A1. Speedload stock, Ghost ring sights, 12 Ga., 8+1, 20" barrel. It isn't light, with a heavy walled barrel and built for combat. Why not look at the 500? But, then it is almost an 870....

    Oh, close range home defense, you won't use the sights anyway!!
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    Hey redneck I have a 590 a1 with 3 dot sights and collapsible stock 18.5 barrel awesome gun it has shot a lot of different ammo and has been 100% reliable. Looks like a lever and shottie event coming up ;-)

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