WTS OR .556, .40, and .45 for sale

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    I'm cleaning out the ammo closet a bit to make room for some new stuff.
    Here is what I have: (prices have been lowered)
    (5) 20 round boxes of PMC Bronze .308Winchester 147gr FMJ-BT. SOLD
    (40) 20 round boxes of Federam XM193. 800 rounds total. SOLD
    (6) 30 round (10 rounds per stripper clip) boxes of XM855. SOLD
    (15) 50 round boxes of Blazer Brass .40 S&W 180gr FMJ. $110.00 (.15ppr)
    (2) 50 round boxes of Blazer Brass .45 auto 230gr FMJ. SOLD

    If you see something you want, make an offer.

    Pictures are below. I'm in Woodburn and can meet anywhere between Salem, Tualatin, and Oregon City. Further if you take it all.
    Thanks for looking.

    IMG-3645.JPG IMG-3643.JPG IMG-3646.jpg
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