.50cal CVA Muzzleloader

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    Hey all,
    Here is an almost forgotten rifle of mine. It is a CVA .50cal muzzle-loader. It is a caplock, with a black synthetic stock. I still have the ram rod/end for it. The bore needs some attention. My father stored it in his garage when I moved out the first time. I scrubbed it out as best I could, but someone with some tools could do a better job of it. As far as I know, a muzzle loader doesn't count as a modern firearm, and therefore requires no FFL to obtain (I didn't have to fill out paperwork when I purchased it in 1999-2000). If shipped, i would like information like a photocopy of a DL or something, or a copy of an FFL if you have one. I've shot this gun maybe 10 times. I imagine the bore would clean up more with a full scrubbing (I live in an apartment, so no vise to clamp the barrel into for full disassembling), and some shooting.
    Only asking $50, plus shipping if needed. Always willing to sell FTF in WA.
    I can post pics in a little while, if desired.

    Willing to trade for? I am open to offers, though I am highly interested in reloading equipment (I load .45acp), and C&R guns (though most would exceed my asking price).





    It is now SPF.
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