It's not so much for functionality as it is for esthetics. It's for a Thompson sub machine gun clone., gangster type with the fore grip. As I said I have a mess of 10 & 25 Ruger mags, a couple GRG hunnerds. This little guy. I gave up looking for a finned barrel. The guys that make the 12" finned want you to have a SBR stamp before they'll ship.
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Have you tried green mountain barrels? I recall them having finned barrels.
Got it. Forgot you guys were running those. Both of mine are conversions.
Converted as well - love the bettermag adapter with CMMG kit. I also like being able to lock the bolt back easily and rune Phase5 levers.

LRBHO using 15-22 mags works great. For some reason I want to go back to cmmg mags, just pop the bettermag adapter out.


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