5 Dead 1 Injured in Brooklyn Mass Stabbing

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    Brooklyn mass stabbing leaves 5 dead ? many of them children ? 1 injured - NY Daily News

    Thankfully, nobody was allowed to carry or even own a gun so they could stop the madman. Thanks to New Yorks strict gun laws, only criminals have the ability to kill people, rather than law-abiding citizens. If somebody had a gun, this mass stabbing probably would have not happened. Thankfully, Bloomberg help prevent the New York sheeple from themselves, as only the NYPD has the right to carry guns. Also, thankfully nobody called the cops, because once again only the NYPD has guns and they probably would have killed more innocent bystanders trying to shoot this madman, than the madman himself could have killed.

    Also, anyone who thinks knives against unarmed people (as carrying knives is illegal in New York, too) is any less of a potentially deadly weapon than a gun, should think again.. These stabbing rampages I believe will continue and only grow worse. These madmen bent on killing can cause mass carnage with any tool at their disposal.

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