WTS WA 5.56mm 62 grain M855 Ball AMA DENEX on Stripper clips

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    Honestly I like to shoot this stuff, but not as much as I like to shoot CBC 77gr OTM so if someone seems to think they need some of this evil penetrater ammo I'll sell you some so I can buy better ammo with your money.

    300 round battle packs, Sealed in bags on strippers in a cardboard box. 18 available (5400 rounds) All new production.

    I'll trade you for
    Magtech/CBC 5.56x45 MK262 Mod 1 Ammo 77 Grain Sierra Open Tip Match.


    Which is .58/rd which makes the 300 rd battle packs $175 each. If you have actual CBC 77gr OTM to trade me even better as I really dont want your money, I just would rather shoot better ammo if you think you really need M855.

    A quick look on Armslist shows retards asking $.75 to $1 a round! I hope no one is stupid enough to pay that!

    Honestly you should not be paying me $.58 as the CBC 77gr OTM is much better ammo, But hey who I am to tell you what to buy. If you have green tip fever (disclaimer these do not have green tips, however they are M855 Nato which are the same rounds that are painted green in the states) You can have these and I'll shoot the good stuff!

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