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4th of July Blessing...

Discussion in 'Archived - Oregon Firearms Academy' started by OFADAN, Jul 4, 2012.


    OFADAN Brownsville, OR Well-Known Member

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    Just heard from a proud father who trains at OFA along with his family and who emailed me to sign up other members of his family for our soon to be scheduled Use of Force course. He sent me this email which I've slightly edited to protect their names for security purposes even though they gave OFA permission to post their comments....

    God Bless families like this one and also to all the current, former, and future men and women who put on a uniform to keep our nation free!

    "I have taken the BHS, DHG 1 & 2 with each of my three sons as they got old enough. My two youngest, Adam & Paul are both now in the Marines. Paul is in boot camp in San Diego and Adam is in Virginia in Security Forces school and is assigned to Fast Company.

    Adam is now a lance corporal and has qualified expert in rifle and handgun. I thought you might like to know that he said that his training at OFA in DHG 1 & 2 helped him do that. The event that got him over the top in qualifying came at the moment of his magazine running out of ammo and due to his fast speed reload he was able to get those needed last few rounds on target! Even his drill instructors were impressed. Thanks guys!"

    Observation & Note: A couple things...thing number one - not everyone in the military is in Special Forces and recieves the extra intensive level of small arms training and tactics which they recieve...with that being said many people are still led to believe or have the perception the military is at the cutting edge of defensive small arms training and practices. Some most definately are...while others are not. What Adam did is a basic, very basic, skill that is introduced in our basic Defensive Handgun 1 course...The specific details of how to effectively execute such a basic task is really emphasized in our DH1 course and something everyone in the military should be able to do, and it shouldn't be impressive to anyone. Remember a qualification is a test of your skills after training. So what Adam did was demostrate his mastery in the use of a defensive firearm...so the drill instructors shouldn't have been impressed...they should have thought "no big deal, what Adam did is expected not exceptional." Every Marine qualifying should be able to do this!

    Thing number two... along the same thought; an active duty Lt. Colonel (helo pilot) just spent two days at OFA this Monday and Tuesday in a Private Tuitoral with Rick paying out of their own pocket because this person's military training was so inefficient (student's words not ours). The Lt. Colonel said " when we qualified with a handgun (which is issued & carried on every mission) the Range Officers actually loaded the handgun for us and then we shoot at a static target. When the handgun runs out of ammo we had to hand them the handgun and they reloaded it for us because we're not authorized to do this. We are not taught nor allowed to work out of a holster, reload, cleared malfunctions...nothing"

    We find many active duty men and women attending our courses and are humbled and honored to have them train with us. Many are very squared away but often it is because of their personal time and finanical sacrifice investing in themselves. God Bless the USA and all who put so much on the line so we can enjoy today's hot dogs, diet Pepsi's and bon fires in the back yard!
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  2. bruzer

    bruzer Grants Pass, OR Well-Known Member

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    Always good to hear positive feedback. I remember how things changed at the rifle range after the first Gulf War. Too many did not know proper clearing of their jammed weapons. Raising your hand and waiting for a range officer to came by and clear it doesn't work well in combat.
    Semper Fi,