460 performance center sticky cylinders

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by filsonhand, May 2, 2016.

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    Hello All

    I've got a 460 performance center pistol that has sticky extraction. I'm original owner and it has around 150 rounds thru it of 460, 5 rounds of 454 casull.

    I know 460 is a high pressure rocketship, but I'm sure there is a way to ease extraction :D

    I've run hornady 200 grain factory and some reloads with 240 and 300 grain xtp's over h110.
    I've been using hornady load data, so it's on the milder side of things as far as the limited range of H110 goes.

    I haven't marked cylinders yet to isolate, but I've had 3 of 5 cylinders at once require a little love to release the brass bounty :s0153:

    I would rather remedy myself than wait to warranty thru smith and wesson if possible
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  2. Dyjital

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    I get sticky chambers with .357 and once I've had it with .38 special.

    It happens sometimes. Decrease the load to minimum once and see what happens.
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    I assume that you've scrubbed the chambers of the cylinder well.
    Are the cases coming out sooty? (a sign of cases not swelling and sealing well) If that's the case, you may actually need to increase the charge.
    Are there any marks on the brass, like from rough chambers? If so, you're going to need the help of a gunsmith, and at that point I'd call S&W.
    I had a timing problem with my 500 and called S&W. It didn't take long before my gun was back in my hands. Their customer service was great.
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    Both my Raging Bull in 454 and 10" 460XVR do that with some stout loads. Nothin to worry about , they just plump when ya shoot em:D
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    I take the cylinder and use a super fine lapping compound. Then switch to bore lapping compound, then I use a very fine diamond lapping compound mixed with fine bore polish.
    It really cleans up any marks in the walls. Your brass should be clean or else anything on it will transfer to the cylinder walls.
    Then just depending on your load sometimes the brass won't just fall right out.

    I just finished up a Colt Python that had inside and out of the cylinder sand blasted :(
    But after a few hours of lapping and polishing it was back in action!
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