WTS OR 45ACP VZ24 Mauser

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    Here's one you won't see for sale very often:

    I am selling my project rifle for the past few months, a VZ24 converted to 45acp (using 1911 magazines) via a Rhineland Arms conversion kit. I've put a lot of time, effort, and money into this conversion. This rifle started life as a VZ24 with a scrubbed receiver and mismatching parts. I then bought a Rhineland Arms 45acp conversion kit with a military contour barrel intending to rebuild it as a "Mini-Mauser" of sorts. Most of the work was done professionally by Jeff at Rangemasters in Lebanon, but I have sunk a large amount of time into it as well. The rifle is accurate and has practically no kick, but there are some small issues:

    -If you fully load your magazine, the very first round has a tendency to nosedive into the feed ramp, getting stuck. If you download your magazine by 1, you will not have any problems. The rifle used to only feed with 4 rounds in the magazine until Jeff basically built a new feed ramp into the rifle. Now it'll feed if you have 7 rounds loaded out of an 8 round magazine, which I count as a win.

    -To insert a new magazine, you have to press the magazine release. A different magazine button (1911, extended variety) might fix that issue, but it's not really a big enough deal that I felt the need to replace it.

    You also have to work the bolt quickly and smoothly for it to feed correctly, but that is something that the Rhineland Arms manual points as well. The bayonet lug is acraglassed into the stock, and is for decoration only - don't actually try to mount a bayonet on it.

    Most of the original metal parts have a worn blue finish on it. The new barrel was cold blued to try to match that pattern. It ended up being a bit darker than the other metal parts in areas, but should wear to be blend in a bit better.

    It's a nice little rifle that shoots well. I just am not as interested in it as I used to be, so I am letting it go. Asking for $500, which is way less than what I have put into it for materials and gunsmithing fees. No lowballers, I am patient enough to wait for a fair deal.

    Willing to trade as well. Would consider ammo as part of the deal. Would take:
    30 Carbine
    M1 Garand safe 30-06.

    Would consider another firearm - most anything interests me. Let me know what you have and we can negotiate. Willing to throw in some cash for the right deal.


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