45ACP and 40 S&W

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  1. Mountainrunner

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    I am selling some ammo for a buddy.
    He is trying to sell some of his stockpile to build an M4 set up AR.
    If you happen to have an extra M4AR in the safe and would like to trade for some ammo let me know.
    Much more is available in 45 acp than what is listed here.
    Thanks for looking.

    45 acp:
    UMC 45 230gr FMJ $17.00 per box or 10 boxes (500 rounds) for $160.00
    Blazer 230gr MFJ $17.00 per box or 5 boxes (250 rounds) for $80.00
    Blazer 230gr TMJ $17.00 per box or 16 boxes (800 rounds) $256.00

    40 S&W:
    UMC 180 gr FMJ one Box 50 rounds $15.00
    American Eagle 180gr FMJ $16.00 per box or 6 boxes (300 rounds) for $90.00
    Blazer 180gr TMJ $16.00 per box 10 boxes or (500) rounds for $150.00

    I am located on the Eastside of Lake Washington and can meet up Monday through Friday.
  2. Scott

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    If you make towards Vancouver, Wa I will take some .45

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