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Remember to drift out the pins first - some were tapered instead of straight so check both ends of the pins so you aren't trying to drive it the wrong way. you either need to build a specialized "fork" shaped tool that will allow you to press it out or you need to press the barrel out of the trunnion first (much easier). Of course then you will need to have a fixture so you can press the barrel back in to the trunnion or some way of supporting the receiver so you don't taco it.
Typically they aren't that hard to get off. I have done lots of them. Like one of the guys said, make sure you get the pins out first. Then it can easily be pressed off with a press and some well placed wood or soft metal such as aluminum. If it gives you a real hard time try hitting it with some penetrating oil for a bit. Worse case scenario use a propane torch and lightly head the base of the RSB where it meets the barrel. Sometimes they can be "welded" on by old cosmo. Hands down the easiest way is to punch the pins and press the barrel pin. The remove the whole barrel assembly from the front trunnion and go from there.
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