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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Maxx, May 4, 2010.

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    Hi when did Rem make 458 win mags off the shelf, I was looking for a 375 H&H and went to a old timer that was selling out. I asked him if he had a 375 and he said yes but he had a big bore that he has been trying to sell for some time but no one would buy It...... not even pick it up... 458 win mag.... I picked it up and wow... light...action slick as glass I walked away with it for 500 buck.... this goes with me everywhere for the last three years what a gun and this gun was new! when I bought it. But I went to Rem web and they do not make 458 mag? And the Trigger out of this world for a big bore....
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    Had a Remington 700 in .416 Rem. Mag. years ago and sold it, now wish I still had it. It was phenomenally accurate (make a clover leaf looking hole about the size of a dime with three rounds from 100-yards... just had to sit behind it on the bench for three rounds;), had a very light trigger and it too was smooth as glass... just licked like a freakin mule.

    At that time I had three medium bore rifles; The above .416, a new(er) Winchester Model 70 in .375 H&H and a nice ole Ruger No. 1 in .458 Win. Mag. Once I finally got a clue and figured out a college student in the desert southwest only needs one such rifle, I decided to put all three up for sale and keep the last one that didn't sell. To be honest I kinda wanted to keep the No. 1 at that time as I was really in love with single-shots. The first to sell was the Winchester (no-brainer there), then I really pushed the Remington and held back on the Ruger. Remington sold. Nowadays really wising I'da kept the Remington. It was a fantastic gun, just like you mention.

    Not that the Ruger is bad in any way; we get it out about once a year and launch a few rounds down range, but I'd imagine I'd be out a lot more often with the Remington if I still had it. Either way, they're both great easily-portable freight train launchers.

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