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    I have a collection of knives for sale including some Damascus knives, diving knives, Gerber, Case, etc.etc. Now there are some no brand knives or cheaper, so to speak, but not one of the collection was bought for less than $15.00. There are a total of 45 knives. Four of the knives alone cost $350.00 but do not let that scare you. I do not want to sale them individually, only as a lot. I also have a Damascus Sword with wooden case, etc. that will shave the hair from your arm. The shank goes completely thru the handle and it is very, very durable. I`m selling these knives to buy musical equipment. Contact me for info. I will sale the knives for $400.00 without the sword or add $75.00 to the price with the sword. If you are into knives you won`t be able to pass this deal up if you`re sane.

    woodstock72000 at yahoo dot com

    knives 011.jpg knives 012.jpg knives 005.jpg

    The hand carved buffalo horn handle knife with the brass bolsters is the best knife in this collection in my opinion. The blade is beautiful. This knife cost me $135.00 at a knife show used.

    knives 014.jpg knives 015.jpg knives 016.jpg knives 017.jpg

    There`s also a Cold Steel Combat knife that I paid about $120.00 for thats not in the photos.

    Basically, there are four knives that cost my asking price. There are alot that are in the $50-$60 range, several that are in the $90-$100+ dollar range. I know that I can`t expect what I paid for them which is why I set the price low enough to sale easily. There are 45 or 46 knives in total which also means that the price is less than $10 bucks each. There are Kershaw, Gerber, Italian made switchblade, diving knives, One is made in Italy, Damascus, one old Damascus knife that I have no idea about other than its been in my family for 60 years, it`s the bone handle , actually elk antler knife in the pics, there are a few novelty knives, one is an enormous pocket knife and though it is a novelty knife, it cost $40.00, there are a few autos in the collection, an American Buck fixed blade, the Cold Steel knife I mentioned, etc.etc. Hope that helped you.

    Simply put, I`m practically giving them away. I need a piece of equipment for my musical equipment. I need it badly. This is how badly I need it..... $400.00

    knives 005.jpg

    knives 012.jpg

    knives 014.jpg

    knives 015.jpg

    knives 016.jpg

    knives 017.jpg

    knives 011.jpg
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    Pics? Would love some more info on the collection...


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