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So I am some insane mad man who has been keeping his brass and boxes from his range days. and now I am sitting pretty with no loading bench and bunch of brass.
so the boxes are mixed up but whats inside is consistent with whats marked "large primer, small primer nickel etc." not deprimed or cleaned yet, but at least organized.

Most of off the head stamps will line up . the Larger primers I would say are are most overall mixed between pmc, s and b , and federal. and nearly all the small primers will Read "JAG" head stamp,
and the +P nickel plated ones will be federal my carry ammo.

[UWSL]1297 cases large primer brass[/UWSL] .45 $130

[UWSL]490 cases of large primer nickel plated rounds +P[/UWSL] .45 $50

[UWSL]539 cases of small primer brass[/UWSL] .45 $50 $40

[UWSL]224 cases of 5.56 .223 mixxed[/UWSL][UWSL] $30[/UWSL]

I have 95 9mm and 20 .40 s&w due to me just loosely picking up at the range. might just hand these off depending on situation.

willing to drive around 60 miles out if your willing to take most/ all of the bunch.

IMG_20210224_153505715.jpg IMG_20210223_230728886.jpg IMG_20210223_230627110.jpg IMG_20210223_230701326.jpg IMG_20210223_230627110.jpg IMG_20210223_230728886.jpg IMG_20210223_230701326.jpg IMG_20210224_153502444.jpg
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