45 acp brass (see description)

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    1,850 pcs of previously fired, mixed headstamps, 45 acp brass. $115 shipped via USPS flat rate box. $105 if picked up in Tacoma.

    Brass has been tumbled cleaned, but still has signs of staining. I would definately not have a problem loading and shooting this brass but it is not cosmetically as good as my expectations. Your tumbler and methods may get it to shine up real nice but my system leaves me a bit short of my usual standards.

    Disclaimer: I do my best to sort crimped and/or small primer pocket brass from the lot. You may get one of these occasionally. It is best for the reloader to do a final sort before attempting to load. Actual count is over 1.850 pieces, probably around 1,865.

    Money orders preferred. If paypal please add 3% to total incl. shipping. No personal or business checks.

    Other brass listed at RELOADING BRASS CASINGS


    Tacoma, WA
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