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45 acp bolt action (enfield conversion)

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Fistybum, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Fistybum

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    Enfield 45acp conversion, No4mk1 with a rhineland arms conversion kit installed.I was going to have this done up as a Deslile clone... This would make a great host for a 45 can. Uses 1911 mags. The coversion kit is a little clunky, but functions well, It is an older rhineland arms kit from the barfcom group buy years ago, but I got hold of Richard from special interst arms(company who took over)Special Interest Arms - Enfield*Conversions and had him send a couple of the newer spring loaded ejector assemblys(spare included), really helped with the ejection of the spent shell, whitch was always the weak link with the old kit.
    I finished the barrel with black molyresin, all the enfield metal has the original finish. I found a marbles gold bead ramp front sight in my parts bin, that fits the gun great. But it is just held on by a bit of silacone (ramp front sight uses a drill and tap hole, if you have it threaded for a 45 can the machinest could put the front sight where ever is the best fit for your suppressor)
    Comes with a bag of extra small parts:
    extra ejector assmbly
    extra extractor
    45acp no-go gage and dummy rounds(for reheadspaceing the barrel when you pull it to thread it)
    If you have a 45 can this is would be very cool....



    Trades:Im up to my *** in a 300blk buildn need some parts:
    ar15 upper parts, upper reviever, bolt, carrier ,lpk, handguard...
    357 revolver, ???

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