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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by doc55, Dec 13, 2012.

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    i have a 44 mag. i wont to put a scope on it, was looking at the Leopold FX-II Handgun 2x20mm but have herd that a dot sight or holographic sight may be better for hunting. i will be hunting pig/deer mostly woods probably 60-70 yds max any handgun hunters out there that wont's to give there opinion on any scope ill be happy to hear about it
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    I've been researching handgun scopes for my .454 and I settled on the Nikon Force EER 2.5-8x. It had best eye relief and is rated to 460SW. They make a 2x20 but for less than $100 price difference you could get the variable.

    With Midways coupon you can get the Force for $265. I couldn't find anything less expensive on ebay that wasn't nstar.
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    I have a nikon monarch fixed 2x on my redhawk hunter. I am happy with it. I shot a doe and a 5x6 bull with it this year. Unless you are bench/target shooting I would'nt get a variable power scope. I have owned an aimpoint comp m4 but I would'nt mount it on a pistol for hunting and I don't think a holographic would hold up at least in conditions I was hunting in (and don't forget about the vast holster options for a magnum revolver w/ a holo sight). I had my holster hang up twice (turned upside down) while crawling up a mud embankment and the blackberry bushes unsnap my holster all at the same time to leave my 44mag tumbling 15 feet down mud and rocks into a creek bottom under 4-6" of water. I'm not proud to admit it but $hit happens and after it did I cleaned the lenses with my t-shirt and kept hunting wondering if the only 6 rounds I had which were in the chamber were going to fire after being submerged. I think I will wear the belt loops on my shoulder holster next year. I learned a lot this being my first year handgun hunting.
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