40S&W - case of Federal JHP, misc others

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    40S&W ammo
    One full case(1000rds, 20 boxes of 50) of Federal Classic 155gr Hi-Shok JHP(one box was missing but the ammo was there, put it in an emtpy box I had laying around) $275

    61 rounds(1 box and some extras from a box I didn't finish off) of Ranger SXT RA40TA 165gr, this is the newer LEO version of the old Black Talon.
    40 rounds of Winchester 180gr FMJ(center of photo)
    20 rounds of Blazer aluminum case 180gr FMJ
    10 rounds of CCI shotshells
    135 rounds of Wolf 180gr FMJ
    Make an offer on the smaller amounts, or $300 if want the case and all the misc. ammo together.

    Will consider trades, looking for 9mm ammo, Glock 19 magazines, AR-15 or DPMS 308 parts, or C&R rifles like a Mauser or Enfield

    Don't want to ship it so I would prefer a meetup within driving distance of PDX, but I might be convinced if you really want to pay for UPS(looks like the shipping weight when I got it was 30lbs for the case of Federal).
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