$400 AR-15s DPMS Oracle and Andersons - Pre-paid Rebates

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    Update 6/14 the two .300 blackout uppers are pending receipt of payment.

    Just $400 each (cash discount) with pre-paid rebates so you don't have to wait month hoping for a refund.

    New in box DPMS Oracle 5.56 at a better than Black Friday prices! 1/9 twist in a 16" barrel. Includes one 30 round magazine.

    Anderson AM-15 .300 Blackout 1/7 twist in a 16" barrel. with upgraded Magpul stock. Two available, no boxes. Want just an upper? $260.

    20170407_185950645_iOS.jpg 20170407_190023335_iOS.jpg 20170407_190027037_iOS.jpg 20170407_190112112_iOS.jpg 20170221_054336861_iOS.jpg 20170221_054401829_iOS.jpg 20170221_054730021_iOS.jpg
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