WTT OR 40+ GI mags for trade (Colt, Bravo Company, NHMTG, Bushmaster, Others!)

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    WTB Spikes Tactical Lowers, cash in hand!

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    Heya guys,

    I'm leaving GI Mags and just sticking with my Magpuls and Tango Downs


    Here is the mag breakdown:

    (7) Colt--6 with new KAC Anti Tilt Followers, 1 with green follower
    (16) NHMTG all with new KAC Followers
    (2) Bushmaster with Magpul Anti-Tilt followers
    (9) Brownells 8 Used, 1 NIP
    (3) DH Industries--1 with Magpul Anti-Tilt and 2 with green followers
    (2) C-Products with Orange Anti-Tilt followers
    (2) Bravo Company USA with Magpul Anti-Tilt followers
    (1) Defense Solutions with green follower
    (1) General Stamping with green follower

    Looking for:

    AR-15 Uppers
    AR-15 BCG's
    Vortex (Strikefire, Sparc, 1-4 variable, Spitfire)
    Burris Optics (Fastfire, Tac30, AR 536, AR 332)
    Bushnell Optics (1-6 or 1-8 maybe?)
    Lower Parts Kits
    AR Lower receivers
    Inforce WML (Need constant, non that are just momentary)
    Surefire G2x
    Streamlight Polytec LED
    AR-15 Quad Rails
    Glock 17 Mags
    Glock 19 Mags

    Other AR-15 stuff, just shoot me an offer.
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    How much for the Colt mags if you were to sell them?

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