40 Cal Ammo for Trade - 500 rounds

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    I have the following ammo for trade.

    • (2) Boxes Remington UMC Value Pack (100 rounds each) - 180 grain
    • (4) Boxes Remington UMC (50 rounds each) - 165 grain
    • (4) Boxes Blazer Brass (50 rounds each) - 165 grain
    • (1) Box Federal American Eagle (50 rounds each) - 180 grain

    Ratio used for exchanging 40 cal for 9mm or 38 Special 1 to 1.31 - Based on AmmoSeek.com figures

    • I want to do it all in a single transaction
    • Do you have a proposal? Send me a PM

    • $245 for the lot ($0.35 per round) - Don't really want to sell but this is what I can do
    • Exchange for 650 rounds of 9mm factory fresh
    • Exchange for 725 rounds of nice 9mm reloads - For example Ultramax
    • Exchange for 22lr bricks ( I prefer the less expensive typeo) Let me know what you have
    • Exchange for nice Ruger 10/22 plus most likely cash on my side (needs to have scope)
    • Exchange for 650 rounds of nice 38 Special nice reloads
    • Exchange for 725 rounds of 38 Special factory fresh

    NOTE: I don't like Federal American Eagle. I will only exchange for American Eagle 38 Special but at a discount. That is pretty dirty ammo.

    Hopefully we can do business. The system is not letting me add photos. If interested PM or post with email and phone number. Transaction will be at my office in Downtown Portland.

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