4 Singing Christmas tree tickets for Friday night 11-27

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    Hello NWF Friends,
    I won 4 tickets to tomorrow nights Singing Christmas tree concert from a charity event. My family was all excited to go, but just found out last night that my boss had some trouble with travel plans and I
    have to work Graveyard shift tomorrow. Shot down!!!
    Long-story short, these tickets are going for $49 from ticketmasters and I have 4 that I need to sell or trade for ammo (.303, .338 Win. Mag, 25-06, .45 ACP), accessories (Good scope), etc. I am under the gun for time as if I don't find someone today to buy or trade something for them, I'll have to find a family member to give them to.
    Here are the details that I posted on Craigslist:
    At the Keller Auditorium:
    I have 4 tickets-great seats that I won from charity event.(Ticketmasters tickets with SKU, not fake, will show ID at sell if needed) Bummer deal is I cannot use for Friday (Nov. 27, 7:30PM) as I work Graveyard shift and the boss said no way off as they are traveling for Thanksgiving...
    Looking to sell and buy another 4 for a Sunday night program, or trade for a set of 4 tickets to a Sunday night program with some extra cash.
    Great seats---Orchestra D, Aisle 5, Seats: Row Z10-13.
    Looking to sell for $140 or best offer before Thanksgiving ens.... set of 4 or trade. Let me know your thoughts. These sell for $48.95 each at Ticketmasters...Check it out!
    Thank you for looking..Gotta go today!!!!

    So there it is. Please respond to add or call 503-487-7768
    Thank you,


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