4" Scandium revolver, 45 ACP

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by 4th_point, Feb 16, 2010.

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    S&W 325PD

    45ACP (or 45 Auto Rim)

    Scandium frame and barrel shroud

    Titanium cylinder

    Steel barrel liner, 4"

    26 oz total weight

    WTS/WTT- FTF Portland area (sorry, but will not ship)

    * Includes wooden grips shown in picture, plus Hogue finger groove grips, 5 metal moonclips, box, papers, etc. Sell for $725. See below for trades.

    * With extra metal moon clips, Rimz polymer moonclips (easier to load and unload- no demooning tool needed), Simply Rugged pancake holster (inside/outside waistband), and 15-rounds of 255gr. hardcast Doubletap ammo for $775. See below for trades.

    Revolver does not shave or spit lead. Can shoot ACP ammo with moonclips (fast reloads), or can also fire Auto Rim ammo. Although I haven't done it, many people shoot 45 Super ammo through these. I have found that Double Tap's 255gr hardcast load at ~900 fps does all that I want from a 26 oz. revolver. Very light to pack on the hip, but plenty of punch with the 255gr bullets. Plus, less blast and lower recoil compared to a magnum. Throws more lead than a 357 mag, but very pleasant to shoot.

    Mostly looking for cash, but would entertain trades and partial trades. Let me know what you have to trade. Pictures of your trades would be helpful.

    Things I might be interested in:

    -Nice canoe (Old Town, Mad River, etc. or old beater plus cash)

    -Cargo trailer (5x8, etc)

    -Savage rifles with Accu-stock and Accu-trigger (mostly 300 or 338 mag)

    -Tikka T3 or Sako A7 in 338 mag

    -.204 Ruger bolt action

    -12 ga coach gun

    -Nice scopes (prefer Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 with Rapid Z-600)

    -Snub-nose 38 (LCR, 642, etc.)

    Will be advertised on iFish, Outdoors Trader, and Northwest Firearms. Offers will be considered in the order they are received. A serious reply with "I'll take it", gets the revolver.

    Thanks for looking,

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