4 sale: Ruger stainlss 357 Blackhawk, pic....

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by mike sr., Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. mike sr.

    mike sr.
    the great tax me state: Nebr

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    $450, ship'd/insured, to your FFL, lower 48:

    I have replaced the grips in the pic with the newer, laminate looking wood grips...


    Since these are pretty much 'industructible' please do not ask

    1) how many rounds, cause I quit counting after 6.
    2) Lock up...
    3) cylinder drag line....

    For 2 & 3: There is no flame cutting, nor burnt powder residue above barrel cylinder gap...a strong clue as to 'use' .... :D


    I can't keep all the stainlss 357s that I would like to keep so, when I get one, one has to go...and for your area I think this would be a great, powerful, compact, pack gun.


    I am prolly gonna post this on other Site's in order to maximize exposure....so timing will be relevant!
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